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Supported by: Cascade Poll Herefords & Angus

#34 Kathy Ellem, “You Can Pat Me” ($6,000 Prize)

Winsome Busby B.E.M. Memorial Prize ($6,000)

Supported by: Westpac Banking Corporation 

First Prize:  #48 David Lake “Winter Pastoral – Birriwa”

2nd Highly Commended:  #18 Keith Blake, “Every Wednesday”

3rd Highly Commended:  #29 Graham Cox, “A Good Season”

Section 1 – Oils or Acrylic ($1,000)

Supported by: Hooks Storage, The Lomax Family, Currabubula Pub and Café

First Prize:  #200 Eleanor Anson, “What The…!” ($1,000 Prize)

2nd Highly Commended: #254 James White, “Waiting for the Bell”

3rd Highly Commended:  #245 Yvonne Overton, “Morning Light”

Section 2 – Watercolour

Pam Lomax Memorial Prize ($1,000)

Supported by: Duncan’s Store Currabubula, Shaun Hamilton Funerals and Dee Bar Stud Werris Creek

First Prize:  #300 Eleanor Anson, “Golden Lilliums”

2nd Highly Commended:  #312 Sharon Moroney , “The Vanishing # 12”

3rd Highly Commended:  #320 Doreen Shaw, “On the Edge”

Section 3 -  Any Other Medium

Pam Lomax Memorial Prize ($1,000)

Supported by: David A B White, Namoi Valley Aviation, Maxi Tankers

First Prize:  #425 Kay McFarlane Smith, “The lakes of Killarney”

2nd Highly Commended:  #414 Susie Linigen, “Magical Mist”

3rd Highly Commended:  #438 Madeleine Szymanski, “On the Dunes with Dad”

Section 4 -  Miniature

Barry & Marion White Memorial Prize ($600)

Supported by: The Norman Family, The Norris Family

First Prize:  #531 Fonda Shae, “My Country” (Prize $500)

2nd Highly Commended:   #527 Blagoj Ristevski, “Burgundy and Buttercream” (Prize $50)

3rd Highly Commended:  #536 Shirley Urquhart, “Deserted at Piallaway” (Prize $50)

Section 5 – Local Artist

The Helen Memorial Prize (Prize $500)
The Myra Norris Memorial Prize (Prize $100)

Supported by: JobLink Plus – Focused on our Community

#80 Phillip Pomroy, “The False Fisherman” 

People's Choice Award (Prize $600)


“You Can Pat Me”

#34 Kathy Ellem

“Winter Pastoral – Birriwa”

#48 David Lake

“Every Wednesday”

#18 Keith Blake

“What The…!”

#200 Eleanor Anson

“On the Edge”

#320 Doreen Shaw

“My Country”

#531 Fonda Shae

“Deserted at Piallaway”

#536 Shirley Urquhart

2022 Guest Judge:  Marilynne Barnes

I am a drawer, painter, and sculptor of people. I love the shapes found in and around the human form. Body language is a fascination to me. I try to capture the slight nuances of movement within the human body that relay the mood of the subject. I want the viewer to be able to recognize what the subject is feeling, to believe that they are seeing some secret part of that person. I love to draw and draw and draw some more. Sometimes I think that painting gets in the way of a good drawing. Nevertheless, I do enjoy painting and my techniques vary from thin layers of glazes to thick textured surfaces. Every work is an experiment for me. I allow the work to dictate what technique I will use and often I am taken on a completely different direction to the one I started on. Every work is a new and exciting journey for me.

I have been lucky to have known and worked with some very talented artists who have been generous with sharing their knowledge with me. These experiences have been the most rewarding and influential ones in my artistic journey.

2001 Advanced Diploma Fine Arts Tamworth TAFE
2000 Diploma Fine Arts Tamworth TAFE
1997 Certificate IV fine arts Tamworth TAFE
1996 Book Illustration RMIT
1981 Bachelor Fine Arts Newcastle University (two thirds completed)
1965 Lessons with John Ogburn Sydney.

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