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Supported by: Cascade Poll Herefords & Angus

#38 Kathy Ellem, “Just a Nibble” ($6,000 Prize)

Winsome Busby B.E.M. Memorial Prize ($6,000)

Supported by: Regional Australia Bank and The Lomax Family

First Prize:  #59 David Newbridge,  “Evening Pastoral" ($1,000 Prize)

Highly Commended:  #57 Ross Kurtz, “Granite Ridge” ($100 Prize)

Section 1 – Oils or Acrylic ($1,000)

Supported by:  Shaun Hamilton Funerals, Currabubula Pub & Café and Hooks Storage

First Prize:  #216, Kim Jenkins, “Don’t Worry Keep Singing” ($1,000 Prize)

Highly Commended:  “Linburn Cottage Mudgee” ($100 Prize)

Section 2 – Watercolour ($1,000)

Supported by: Duncan’s Store Currabubula, Jillian Thompson (OT),

Super Wash Taminda and Agripath

First Prize:  #308 Anna Henderson, “Bear Hill” (Prize $1,000)

Highly Commended:  #323 Sharon Moroney, “The Vanishing #16” ($100 Prize)

Section 3 -  Any Other Medium ($1,000)

Supported by: David A B White, Maxi Tankers and Robert and Tammie Clark

First Prize:   #427 Madeline Szymanski, “Sunset Supermarket” ($600 Prize)

Highly Commended:  Madeline Szymanski, “Eden Apple” ($100 Prize)

Section 4 -  Miniature

Barry & Marion White Memorial Prize ($600)

Supported by: The Randclaud Family and The Norman Family, The Norris Family

First Prize:  #507 Stephanie Creigh, “Sunset Before Storm” ($1,000 Prize)

The Myra Norris Memorial Prize:   #526 Leigh Pritchard, “The Road to Home” 

 (Prize $100)

Section 5 – Local Artist

The Helen Memorial Prize (Prize $500)
The Myra Norris Memorial Prize (Prize $100)

Supported by: JobLink Plus – Focused on our Community

#83  Blagoj Ristevski, "The Best Mates" ($600 Prize)

People's Choice Award (Prize $600)



Supported by: Currabubula Station, Dee Bar Stud Werris Creek and Capital Glass Tamworth

First Prize:  #621 Jeremee Slattery, "From the Garden" ($1,000 Prize)

Highly Commended:  #617 Neville Ritchie, "Morning Mist Over Chaffey" 

($100 Prize)

Section One - Colour ($1,000 Prize)

Supported by:  Michell Truck Bodies, TB's Backyards and Boral

First Prize:  #704 Diane Crowe, "Steam in the Country" ($1,000 Prize)

Highly Commended:  #714 Jeremee Slattery, "The Road Home" ($100 Prize)

Section 2 – Monochrome ($1,000 Prize)

“Just a Nibble” 

Winsome Busby B.E.M. Memorial Prize

#38 Kathy Ellem

Evening Pastoral

#59 David Newbridge

Don’t Worry Keep Singing

#216, Kim Jenkins

Bear Hill

#308 Anna Henderson

Sunset Before Storm

#507 Stephanie Creigh

The Best Mates

#83 Blagoj Ristevski

From the Garden

#621 Jeremee Slattery

Steam in the Country

#704 Diane Crowe

2024 Guest Judge:  Phillip Pomroy

Meet Phillip Ross Pomroy, born on October 24th, 1947, in Paddington, Sydney. His upbringing was shaped by his father's service in World War II and later as a respected Police Officer, leading to a childhood spent in various towns across New South Wales.

At 14, Phillip discovered his artistic talent, setting him on a lifelong journey of creativity. Despite training as a watchmaker, his passion for art led him to diverse career paths, including managing swimming pools and delving into sign writing and commercial art during off-seasons.

Phillip's debut exhibition at Werris Creek Golf Club marked the beginning of a successful artistic career, with showcases in galleries across NSW and prestigious venues like Peter Doyle at Watson Bay. His work has earned him accolades at the Royal Easter Show and victories in esteemed competitions like the Red Cross Art competitions in Currabubula.

Now residing in Urunga on the Mid North Coast, Phillip's art is characterized by clarity and intricate detail, capturing the essence of his subjects. His contributions extend beyond the canvas, with involvement in community projects like embellishing the new Tamworth Hospital building with his art.

As a father and grandfather, Phillip finds inspiration in family, adding depth to his artistic journey. His paintings, spanning landscapes, still life, portraits, and contemporary works, are cherished in collections worldwide, showcasing his talent and dedication to the craft.

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